Banana yogurt chocolate milkshake


Banana Yogurt Shake 5

My boys love this banana yogurt chocolate milkshake. It is the perfect breakfast for a busy school morning and a nutritious start to the day. They don’t think of it as healthy because it tastes more like a treat! Each glass contains one banana, milk and yogurt.

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My boys love coffee and chocolate. It is a delicious combination of flavours. For this shake, I use cappuccino flavoured yogurt and chocolate milk. Sometimes, when I can’t get cappuccino flavoured yogurt, I use caramel yogurt or simply vanilla yogurt and add some more cocoa. You can also use maple or coconut flavoured yogurt, or whatever else you like!

Banana Yogurt Shake 4

Ingredients for 1 shake:

1 small banana, about 3 oz., peeled
1/2 cup chocolate milk
1/4 cup flavoured yogurt, for example cappuccino
1 tsp cocoa, optional


I put all the ingredients in a 2 cup – measuring cup and use an immersion blender until the shake is smooth. Serve right away.

Banana Yogurt Shake 3

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